Being aware of regular wear & tear prior to renting the apartment will allow you to save some amount that you might be charged by the owner telling that you handled damage.

The the regular wear & tear means any damages that occur, whether someone lives in an apartment for some time or not. This is something that is found common with the non-living things as the time passes. But sometimes owner tries to charge the tenant for this holding him responsible for all the damages. This situation can, however, be avoided if you take some pictures of the areas that are likely to see some wear & tear with time. If your looking for apartments in Charlotte, go here and take the pictures of different such areas prior to getting inside the apartment for living. These pictures should be dated and signed, and you should also try that these pictures are shown to your landlord making him aware about the present condition of the apartment. Here are some ideas on the areas that fall under normal wear & tear.

The first is the walls and the wall paint. Normally, the wall paint is expected to last for almost 2 to 3 years. In case if the paint has faded or has started to do so then the tenant must not handle any repainting charges. The damage to walls that comes under regular wear & tear are the Carter-like holes that are left behind due to anchor-like heavy-duty nails. The smaller nails don’t justify any deduction from the security deposit.

Next thing is the carpets. Unless it is proved by the owner that the damage to carpets was caused by the tenant, he can’t claim for the damage charges from the tenant. The carpets can get worn out due so many different reasons. It’s quite possible that the carpet has completed its course needing a replacement now. It is also possible that when you moved in the apartment, the carpet was damaged already. So, you need to take pictures of any marks that might be there on the carpets already like the animal stains, burn marks or tears. Definitely if a burn or spill has been caused by you, then the responsibility will lie on you to get it repaired or replaced.

Next come the windows and the doors. If there is some difficulty when it comes to opening or closing the door, if hinges of the door are off the track, if there has been some damage already done to peep-through hole, then you won’t have to pay any charges for getting them repaired because they are the regular wear & tear that come with time. But in case you somehow happened to break the glass or window panes then you will certainly have to pay for that damage.

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