Apartment living can be quite beneficial but at the same time you might have to face some problems like the landlord might be looking to charge you extra some times. One such case is for the regular wear & tear that naturally happens with time. People are not aware of what falls in normal wear & tear of the apartment and pay extra charges to their landlords just for something that they have nothing to do with. If your looking for apartments in Charlotte go here and you will be able to find out that for what you need to and for what you don’t.

One of the normal wear & tear thing are the door hinges and locks. When you move into your new rental apartment you need to check for all the doors that might have loose or broken locks or hinges. Normally the owner doesn’t charge for such wear & tear of hinges and locks as they are natural to wear out with time. However, it is good to take the pictures of hinges that are already worn out when you move into the apartment so that you can have a proof with you in case if the landlord tries to trick you.

Another thing are the curtains and blinds. In case when you stepped into the apartment for the first time and found the curtains or blinds in good condition then you’ll have to make sure that when you leave the apartment, these items are left like the way they were when you have moved in. If leave then dusty or in bad condition then it won’t fall under regular wear & tear leading you to pay extra charges to the landlord for this. However, if owner provided curtains are faded then they can be changed by you but make sure that you replace them with originals when you leave the apartment. Keep in mind that you will also have to pay for any items that are missing at the time of leaving the apartment.

Furthermore, the landlord will also charge you for any kind of extermination, in case if your pet has caused some infestation. But in case you think there are bugs already in the apartment then you will not have to bear any charges for the extermination. It will be necessary for the owner to handle such things in this scenario. In case if it is proved by the owner that you brought in those bugs then you will be charged for the extermination as well. So, make sure to check all areas of apartment where the bug infestation is likely to be there and then discuss this issue with your landlord before getting into the apartment or finalizing the deal with him. This will certainly be helpful for you in the end.

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